Things I took note of

Aug 17

“Designers: never, ever be a pair of hands. If a client says ‘just do it this way’. It’s your duty to ask why. If no response, then walk away.” —!/markboulton/status/103792001975193600

Aug 16

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” —

Aug 12

The Holstee manifesto –

The Holstee manifesto –

Jul 16

“It’s so repellent to me, this constant mantra about how some people have this special thing. Well, they don’t. They’re just willing to make sacrifices you’re not willing to make yet (or are not able to make yet).” — by Merlin Mann, via

Jul 14

“If you really want outstanding creative performance, you need people to focus on intrinsic motivations - factors inherent in the work itself. Things like challenge, interest, learning, meaning, freedom, and creative flow. They are what really motivates creative people.” —

Jul 07

“You cannot become the person or agency you wish to be by doing the type of work you wished you never had to do.” —!/leeclowsbeard

May 04

“But in general, the search for popular is wildly overrated, because it corrupts our work, eats away at our art and makes it likely we’ll compromise to please the anonymous masses.” — Seth Godin –

Apr 28

“Putting someone in a favourable position based on their gender or ethnicity is just as bad as putting someone in an unfavourable position based on their gender or ethnicity.” —

Apr 13

“The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot of opportunity for us—as thinkers—to provide great value to our clients. We won’t, however, do this if we continue to hold tightly on to the notion of designers being purely visual practitioners. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: design is about facilitating outcomes, not selecting colors.” — Eric Karjaluoto -

Apr 06

“If I could stop favoring short term gratification over long term happiness, I could resolve most of the problems in my life.” — Meagan Fisher -